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Gimme Smore Cookie Mix


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Product Description

*Cookie Mix Only* This is our gourmet twist on your traditional campfire s'mores. This delicious cookie mix features Guittard's Akoma chocolates, Lotus Biscoff Cookies and Cookie Butter, Toasted Marshmallow, vanilla infused sugar, and our signature organic base. Cookie mix comes with pre-measured ingredients and fool-proof instructions to make 2 dozen 2 inch sized cookies. Ingredients: Organic Flour, Organic Baking Soda, Himalayan Pink Salt, Madagascar and Tahitian Vanilla Infused Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Light Brown Sugar, Guittard Akoma 55% Semi-Sweet Chocolates, Lotus Biscoff Cookie Butter, Marshmallow Creme, Lotus Biscoff Cookies. Ingredients you'll need to provide: large cage free egg, organic unsalted butter, organic whole milk **BY ORDERING THIS ITEM BETWEEN MAY-SEPTEMBER, YOU AGREE THAT THE CHOCOLATES MAY STILL ARRIVE MELTED. THE CHOCOLATES CAN BE REHARDENED BY LETTING IT COOL AND THEN CHOPPED UP AS NORMAL IN THE RECIPE.** $5 flat rate shipping per item.

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