Why settle for less than stellar cookies?

Bakeries are so expensive! - Ours cost a fraction of bakery prices.

Can't bake? - We got it covered with fool-proof instructions.

Don't want to buy a pantry full of ingredients? - Our cookies are pre-measured.

Store bought cookies are stale. - You'll always have fresh baked goodness with us!

The same flavors get old! - You'll always get a brand new flavor each month.

Our monthly cookie baking subscription box was made to bring back the joy of baking. A professional baker will enjoy the gourmet ingredients. Someone who can't bake will love the ability to whip up delicious cookies. Our cookie subscription box makes great gifts for cookie lovers, foodies, bakers, families, kids, and so much more!


Everyone deserves to eat great cookies…

Cookies. They're gooey, chewy, so full of joy and happiness. Fresh Baked Cookie Crate's mission is to enable anyone to make delicious, freshly baked, gourmet ingredients at home. No more buying tons of new ingredients every time you want to try out a recipe. No more measuring, making messes, and horrible clean up. No more messing up a whole batch of cookies. No more buying stale cookies from the supermarket or paying a fortune for gourmet cookies. No more eating the same few flavors of cookies. With a Fresh Baked Cookie Crate, you'll be able to make the most delicious cookies right from the comfort of your own home. It's so good that you'll be waiting at your doorstep for your monthly baking box every month!

How it all started

We love cookies. We bought cookies. We made cookies. We filled our lives with cookies. Now we're spreading the joy and deliciousness to you with  a monthly baking subscription box dedicated to gourmet cookies and awesome cookie themed gifts!

In the beginning...

The creator of Fresh Baked Cookie Crate loved cookies. They had to try the best cookies everywhere their family traveled. It became a tradition to try every cookie they could find and experience every flavor profile they could get their hands on.

After trying cookies from so many places, the creator wanted to be able to have those flavors at home. Unfortunately, most bakeries don't ship, and our cookie lover lived far away from any of her favorite bakeries.

So they went on a quest to make their own delicious and gourmet cookies at home. The owner set out and bought enough cookie ingredients to fill a pantry. Then with the help of their family, they began to make cookies. Tons of cookies. Some were mind blowingly delicious. Others were total fails. However, they tested and tasted until each recipe was perfected.

The owner realized that not very many people made their own cookies these days. Some didn't know how to bake. Others got tired of spending money on new ingredients for each recipe they wanted to try. Pre-made mixes were subpar. And the rest of the people didn't like the hassle, mess, and the time consuming part of baking.

Where we are today...

The owner wanted that to change. How do you make people appreciate delicious cookies again? How can they make this easy, delicious, and mess free? How can they make inexpensive, while maintaining quality? How can they bring back the joy of cookies and the way a house smells when fresh cookies are being made?

After some brainstorming, and lots of cookie eating. Fresh Baked Cookie Crate was born. A monthly baking subscription that delivers carefully selected ingredients, pre-measured, and ready to go. Mess-free, fun and unique new flavors, and the joy of unboxing all of the special cookie surprises each month come inside each monthly cookie box.

Now you can bake your very own cookies at home. Gourmet, fresh, and always delicious cookies every single month. Whether you're a seasoned baker who'll enjoy the mess-free and quality ingredients or someone who'll appreciate our fool-proof instructions, you'll be able to whip up a batch in no time.

Each monthly cookie baking box is always packed fresh with the best ingredients, complete fool-proof instuctions and lots and lots of joy.

Are you ready to rediscover the love of baking and the joy of delicious cookies?

Come join the Fresh Baked family and experience twists on classic flavors, new and unique flavors, and the joy of unboxing a Fresh Baked Cookie Crate each and every month! Click the button below to get your first cookie baking subscription box and let's get baking! (And eating, of course.)

Questions? Help? Want to chat? Contact us anytime at hey@freshbakedcookiecrate.com