The Ultimate Cookie Baking Subscription Box

Bake the most unique, amazing cookies you've ever tasted.

● Gourmet pre-measured ingredients. ● Fool proof instructions. ● Delivered to your door every month. ● Put twists on old favorites. ● Explore unique and delicious ingredients. ● Discover tastes you've never experienced before. ●

February's Cookie-of-the-Month is:

Toasted Coconut Ube!

This delicious cookie is one of our most popular flavors in our bakery. It is the sister cookie to our Toasted Coconut Pandan cookie that we released last May. This fragrant sugar cookie is infused with coconut cream and Ube, then coated with toasted coconut and baked to perfection. A drizzle of coconut cream icing finishes off this delicious and vibrant cookie.

Order between January 1st-31st to get February's cookie!


Bake Gourmet Cookies

Whether you're a seasoned baker or completely new to baking, you'll be able to produce delicious gourmet cookies right in your very own home.

Quality Ingredients

We choose the best ingredients to put inside or boxes. Each month you'll receive a card outlining each ingredient and why we chose it.

Fool Proof

The amount and cost of each ingredient, the mess, and their finnicky nature can make baking cookies tough. That's why we provide pre-measured ingredients and fool proof instructions so that you can mix, bake, and enjoy.

Happy Belly

Your belly (and those bellies you decide to share with) will thank you for the most unique cookies and tastes . Best of all, you get total bragging rights since they're made by you!

What is a Fresh Baked Cookie Crate?

Our cookie baking crate is a monthly baking subscription box that brings you the tools you need to bake your own gourmet cookies at home. We traveled far and wide to taste the best cookies in the world. We then spent countless hours in our test kitchen to develop our recipes. We put twists on classic cookies, experimented with unique flavors, explored new ingredients to come up with the most tastebud tantalizing cookies. Each month, you'll discover a brand new cookie to bake, share, and indulge in. With fun surprises, and cookie-related swag, unboxing our monthly cookie box is an adventure in itself!

Whether you're a seasoned baker, or totally new to baking, our pre-measured ingredients make the process fool-proof, easy, and almost mess free. Our ingredients are chosen for quality and are packed right before we ship it out to you. So grab one of the best baking subscription boxes on the market and let's get baking!

The Best of Both Worlds!

Gourmet cookies at bakeries can cost between $2-5 per cookie. That means a dozen can be anywhere from $24-60 per dozen! We decided to put ourselves directly in the middle. We give you at least 2 dozen 2 inch or larger cookies per batch making them as low as $.62 per cookie depending on the plan you choose.

Baking from scratch means pulling out measuring cups, measuring spoons, scales, etc. Our ingredients are pre-measured so baking is quick and easy. No calculations, less mess, and delicious cookies!

Isn't it cheaper to buy your own ingredients? Not necessarily! Sure, simple chocolate chips cookies might be cheaper to make, however we focus on gourmet cookies with professional, organic, gourmet, artisan, and local ingredients. One of our cookies might have 2-3 different brands of artisan chocolates that you can't just purchase just an ounce or two of. They might range between $15 to $30+ per pound each! Some of the ingredients we feature are local, you'll support small businesses across the U.S. as well as get to try products you might never get a chance to otherwise. No more stocking and wasting ingredients you'll only use once or twice, No more calculating, converting, weighing, measuring out recipes. You'll get the best part of baking and the even better part of eating our delicious cookies.

Let's get baking!

1. Subscribe

Subscribe to a monthly cookie baking box and prepare for the joy of unboxing your cookielicious surprises. Your gourmet ingredients are always pre-measured and vacuum sealed.

2. Bake

Imagine the amazing smell filling up your house. Plus, you get the full bragging rights for baking up your own gourmet cookies! No one will know you made it with our cookie subscription box! *wink*

3. Indulge

Reward yourself with a fresh, warm cookie. Share some with your friends and family. (Or eat the whole batch. We won't judge.) Then impatiently wait for your next montlhy baking box and repeat!

FAQ + What's inside the box?

The unboxing experience of a Fresh Baked Cookie Crate is unlike anything else.

In each monthly baking subscription you'll receive a box filled with gourmet ingredients, super easy instructions, and the most awesome surprises any cookie lover could want!

From clothing like shirts and socks to collectible pins, scented candles, and so much more. Each item is carefully selected to bring joy and happiness. With our monthly baking subscription box, you'll look forward to double the surprises (cookies & gifts) each month!  Receive cookie themed gifts and delicious gourmet cookies to bake.


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